Focus on the information that matters
through cortically-coupled technologies

Neuromatters is at the interface of technology and neuroscience

The modern human experience is characterized by a continual need to "drink out of the information fire hose." On a daily basis, the challenge is to sort through more data in less time than ever before. Our mission is to help people navigate the digital information tsunami, by quickly and effectively helping them find and focus on information that matters to them.

Our vision is to deliver "cortically-coupled" technologies, which leverage the unsurpassed recognition, abstraction, and plasticity of the human brain with the data crunching capabilities of computer systems.

Information overload

Our society's information technology advancements have resulted in the increasingly problematic issue of information overload i.e. we have more access to information than we can possibly process. This is nowhere more apparent than in the volume of imagery and video that we can access on a daily basis for the general public, availability of YouTube video and Google Images, or for the image analysis professional tasked with searching security video or satellite reconnaissance. Which images to look at and how to ensure we see the images that are of most interest to us, begs the question of whether there are smart ways to triage this volume of imagery.

Neuromatters unique solution to this problem is a real-time electroencephalography (EEG)-based brain-computer interface system for triaging imagery presented using rapid serial visual presentation. Learn more about C3Vision technology.